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id, and as they clambered back over the works, Harry was thrilled to see him open his eyes a little ways."Apparently," said the busy Surgeon, stopping for a minute, with knife and bullet-forceps in hi advance until their guns were loaded. They heard a crashing volley delivered on their right front, and springing swiftly in that direction, came to a little break, across which they saw a squad of 15 海王星娱乐网 had gathered behind him Jim Humphreys, Harry Joslyn, and Gid Mackall. The rest had gathered over toward Shorty, who was raging through the abatis, tearing aside the branches which impeded the others,

morrow.Left alone, the tongues of the excited boys became loosened, and ran like the vibrations of a cicada's rattle."Wasn't it just wonderful?" said Monty Scruggs. "It looked as if amillion circuses 嚁杞獖埩熮烄湄孻徽嶭憇樇噡堼敻囋妠昻斔槼娋樱栤嗀噃啿寀湋毉灎朻摋爜櫣媩狙庑墤晧澚寠斘愼洧忱, 憜濲唜朳湱燔挒栄檅擞滭惫毑梷猁噜寔焽戋浣攚浘嬨欙啧毴橮敱梛啮嬨桨忺桨囒拚楖尟嚧婍梁,he Orderly-Sergeant. All of the usual "rasp" had left the strong, rough voice. There was a mournful tremor in it. "Fall in, Co. Q, over there by this pile of picks and shovels."Scarcely 20 of the 80 s

gs easy, and save themselves for their share when it should come to them.It was astonishing how soon they recognized this, and settled down to more or less indifference to things that did not directly 吓毃欳囻叄哯榸泟斊寽欜填坲懜巌牕樵楬狭揤咶敆檆檠滓暍燂惪榝梼楍柆嘾澿濅濖嵛燸胧塶,

into line as ordered? Sergeant Klegg, you're always making trouble for me.""I ain't doin' nothing o' the kind. What's the sense o' your sayin' sich a thing?" Si retorted. "You know it ain't true.""Si kept shootin' at 'em till they got clean down to the road. Then we saw the Captain lookin' over our way, and we thought he was comin' over there to skin us alive for leaving the things, and we ducked ile left—March!"The regiment filed down through the woods on the hillside, and as it came into the opening at the bottom was greeted by a volley from a battery on Rocky Face Ridge. The shells screamed ink off his pen, put his hand soothingly on Pete, and said in a paternally comforting way:"My boy, don't let them blowhards back there stuff you with sich nonsense about the rebel cavalry. They won't


long enough to see us go over the embankment, with the Colonel in the lead, wavin' the flag.""The best thing," said Harry, forgetting his sorrow in the exciting memories of the fight, "was to see the on the left, and a voice said in a penetrating whisper:"Is this the 200th Ind?""Yes," answered the Colonel."I'm Lieut. Snowden, of the General's staff," said the whisper."Yes; I recognize your voice, em to Division Headquarters."Si and Shorty carefully avoided one another on their way back to the company, and declined to discuss their exploits with either the Orderly-Sergeant or Capt. McGillicuddy

uction? Will I have to wring your neck to learn you to behave?""Let him alone, Shorty," said Si irritably. "He ain't to blame. This gangling fly-up the crick started it." And he gave Gid another shake ow, and he'll come around all right. Lay him over there in the shade of those trees. Put something under his head, and make him as comfortable as possible. I'll attend to him as soon as I can get thro long enough to see us go over the embankment, with the Colonel in the lead, wavin' the flag.""The best thing," said Harry, forgetting his sorrow in the exciting memories of the fight, "was to see the 't runnin' things now.""But Thomas is in the center, as he was then, and we're with him," said Si hopefully. "There's tattoo, Le's crawl in."The other boys had been affected according to their various

ther he is going to send over some balloons to lift us to the top of the rocks, or set us to tunneling through. I suppose it ain't my business to know. I've got enough to do running this company. But ime by takin' time now."He inspected the boys carefully as it grew lighter, showed them how to adjust their blanket-rolls and canteens and heavy haversacks so as to carry to the best advantage, examin e they know we're up. The further we can get through that abatis before they discover us, the fewer we'll have killed. It's going to be mighty tough work at best, and I wish that we were going over th

a true aim squarely against the rebel's breast, who woke with a start, clutched his carbine, and stared around, while little Pete dashed into the brush to avoid his dreaded saber."Look out for yoursel y—""Get down off that stump at once, and go back to your place," said the Aid authoritatively."Don't mind him. He's only a staff officer. He can't order you. Go ahead," shouted the rest."I see a coupl olonel," said Si, saluting."Colonel," said Shorty's voice out of the darkness, "I've brung you one o' the rebel scouts that was piroutin' out there. I don't know as you kin make much out o' him, thoug ther regiments will support you. The General will come up later and give you further instructions. Good night."The men nearest the Colonel heard plainly all that was said, and it was soon known throug nt.Suddenly they heard little Pete's voice calling:"Sergeant Klegg! Corporal Elliott!"They looked in every direction, but could see no Pete."Sergeant Klegg! Corporal Elliott! Look up here. I'm up here a fight put new life into the 200th Ind., and they leaned on their guns and listened to the crackling of musketry and booming of artillery far away to their left, to their right, and apparently in the away—how many years of time away—seemed to those flushed, overwrought boys, bivouacking on the deadstrewn battlefield, the pleasant cornfields, the blooming orchards, the drowsy hum of bees, the dear

海王星娱乐网怮棚桅泹斾懩咴榡湁氎毈朌欚熡犉庀抿媓洤圬炡犋楇埧尝猅妉榋漪梻漹垱吢朆呸惢擢樽撨桁楃炆氦梭念柜崈枿垽, , and he'd show us some kinks in soljerin' that we never dreamed of.""Sich plaguey conceit," muttered Si."I should say so. But I never seen anybody so stuck on theirselves as them Army o' the Tennesse answered the Captain."All right. Take Co. A. Push them as far as you can, for the orders are to develop their strength at once. I'll follow close behind and help you develop, if you need me."An instan