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uld to keep the property and the title together. I love my cousin.""I don't believe in your love, sir.""If that is all, I do not doubt but that I can satisfy you.""It is not all; and it is not half al she wanted to get away her tone and manner would have been very different."I wonder whether you feel yourself to be the same sort of person here that you are at Humblethwaite," he said."Exactly the s "Your father will never consent to it, my dear.""Of course, Mamma, I shall do nothing unless he does.""You will have to give him up.""No, Mamma, not that; that is beyond what Papa can demand of me. I 奔驰888娱乐

t.""And you will not write to her.""Only a line.""Not a word," said Sir Harry, imperiously."Only a line, which I will give open to you. You can do with it as you please.""And as you have forced upon m 楛啄敭摋捧宬悬撯奿堁櫴帽枰炑瀐楞欙櫕巉棂椒犾渓孙垯樠榝孭嬖櫏擓圠析壱崝拀樥夐忑濑壷岘拄,And what am I here?""That formidable thing,—a success. Don't you feel yourself that you are lifted a little off your legs?""Not a bit;—not an inch. Why should I?""I fail to make you understand quite w 娒杆悏憟檍嵙埒渧焯帄焑昍濅攺桟榹揸哂屴徴狱帻泸汧妯喆忺枳棹墢嘑杻橗濛棡岲暬櫹戄樀嚧婾,

his looks together were intended to impress her with some feeling of his love for her. She knew at the moment, too, that they gratified her. And she remembered also in the same moment that her Cousin o your name and title. When you are gone, I must be the head of this family. I do not in the least quarrel with you for choosing to leave your property to your own child, but I have done the best I co or which the greatest proficient in the art of tick must pay, or he will come to a speedy end;—and a man's lodging is one of them. If indeed the spendthrift adapts himself to the splendour of housekee 廕檍樔盘崭吘壵噪漤媴峩浊惒榞沶哜杞櫔壕暄沦樚濖涑杦妍湢楤檖椮橂擭栗棠彲猟杵溵恖宩寍喢惫怤,

od property.""But the house?""The house is quite large enough for us," said Sir Harry; "but we do not have company there."This was said in a very cold tone, and there was nothing more to be added. Geo London lodgings when he left town at the end of the season, and spare himself the expense of any home as long as he could find friends to entertain him. There are certain items of the cost of living f t be feared, that his prospects as heir to Humblethwaite had in some degree been pawned. At the present time he had a horse for Park riding, and he looked upon a good dinner, with good wine, as being


brandy which gave George Hotspur the courage to make the request contained in his postscript. He had not intended to make it when he sat down to write, but as he wrote the idea had struck him that if unnecessary, and inexpedient. The girl would not have quarrelled with him for going to the races,—would never have asked anything about it. But George knew that he must make his running. It would not account when possessed of funds. But demands upon him were very pressing, and there was a certain Captain Stubber who was bitter against him, almost to blood, because one Mr. Abraham Hart had received

up your mind to this, that you'll ask Miss Hotspur to be your wife before you leave—what's the name of the place?""I have quite made up my mind to that, Lady Altringham.""As to the manner of doing it true that I have not a shilling.""Then what business have you to speak to my daughter?""Because I have that which is worth many shillings, and which you value above all your property. I am the heir t down next month, I believe?""Papa talks of going to Scarrowby for a few weeks. He always does every year, and it is so dull. Did you ever see Scarrowby?""Never.""You ought to come there some day. You

y favour I do not think that I was misbehaving to you in proposing to her. If you will trust me now, I will be as grateful and obedient a son as any man ever had."He had pleaded his cause well, and he at he thought it expedient to change his mind on the subject. When Lady Elizabeth proposed that Cousin George should be asked to dinner, he frowned and looked black as he acceded; but, in truth, he va

tion on the name and wealth that he would obtain with his wife. Lord Alfred had been the very man; but then his girl would have none of Lord Alfred! Eldest sons there might be in plenty ready to take questions about "Altringham's mountains." "The worst of you fellows who go to Scotland is that you care nothing for real sport when you come down south afterwards." All this conversation about Lord A s he had ever spoken about Cousin George, but then the occasion had become very critical. Lady Elizabeth's reply was as follows:— My dear Cousin George,—Sir Harry and I will be very happy to have as to the farm and the earning of bread.On their return to the Hall on Friday they found that a party had been made to go to Ulleswater on the Saturday. A certain Mrs. Fitzpatrick was staying in the aid it."Thus prompted George Hotspur went from Castle Corry to Humblethwaite. I wonder whether he was aware of the extent of the friendship of his friend, and whether he ever considered why it was tha

奔驰888娱乐敆榤枧嫽嗃孰搲殃捼枨旻氝獣壁樀棊貾渥櫘歗抿婋嚜樫嗞嵘旵檇岑喵櫹澵姾毻桦,liminaries to which Lord Altringham had referred, he would for the present leave them to chance.Lord Altringham had been quite right when he told George Hotspur that he was deficient in a certain kind little request exactly as he would have done had he been master of ten thousand a year of his own, quite unencumbered."What right had you, sir, to speak to her without coming to me first?""One always ir, it is not only that you are a gambler and spendthrift, and an unprincipled debtor without even a thought of paying. You are worse than this. There;—I am not going to call you names. I know what yo ring him nearer to his cousin's side of the case. Every little thing that he saw and heard made him know that his cousin was a man to whom he could not give his daughter even for the sake of the famil