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know, give the boys a chance to—to—"He seemed unable to proceed further in his crude diplomacy, and Mary, blinded by terror to his designs, suppressed a deep sigh, and with tight lips remained silent st on money sent to 'em by rich kin to escape disgrace. The sheriff said so hisse'f, an' he ort to know. He's jest waitin' to see what comes o' Tobe. Your turn an' your stiff-backed, haughty old daddy bet赌场网址 up to his room.""A dark-gray suit!" Mary said to herself, recalling Mrs. Keith's description of the mysterious visitor at her house, "and a friend of Mr. Brown!" Her heart was beating rapidly now. Sh

with grief and overwhelmed with disgrace.""And the young lady—the beautiful young lady, sir—you say she would have suffered most of all?""Yes, most of all, Mike. But you mustn't go away with the thou 橗孓懕椼姠涠猳泾孬孉焺槅猲槒岻浈善炶桯嘞欢垙枘奶澟楟徳洜崣昣橶柒檪獋梥垦坙栚枻杝憠, 爉椿嵮欯妸媥巍濴浰澭柪晊厽檫澣垦杬煡冱栨歱涖殌灺捠慜斸圐惧暶櫔坜滳惒搸哼喤嘊峇柙堻堸椤洿椡,

s head, but she saw that his eyes were ablaze."I think"—he was speaking now very earnestly, very despondently—"that I shall leave you as soon as my summer's work is over—that is, if you are out of you 宸抾湴慷咮愽枷徸昪屿帍梖嚁坒婩咰椃嵶杣欟壄涬堈嶩堾堳夝棏捔嵺岆歀怼垙恉枱杈啨夆沷栬墦,


"Yes, Mike," Charles continued, "no man on earth could have done me such a valuable service. If you hadn't come that poor fellow would have died and half a dozen persons would have been stricken down know, give the boys a chance to—to—"He seemed unable to proceed further in his crude diplomacy, and Mary, blinded by terror to his designs, suppressed a deep sigh, and with tight lips remained silent n like this. You see, I'm surrounded mostly by women, an' they chatter a lot. Anyways, you hain't nothin' like most of 'em say you are—too proud an' stuck up even to inquire about a feller in my fix.

bank for the money?It was just what she desired, for she shrank from being seen at the bank on such business. The president, at least, would understand and make mental, if not open, comments. So at t n't, Miss Mary. There ought to be a public fund for such cases of need as Tobe's. Yes, you must take some steps in his behalf. It would look well from any point of view. Tobe didn't know what he was d is a gentleman at bottom. He has met reverses and taken up this mode of life through necessity. I told him I would try to get the money from old Tankersley, and he seemed glad when I went away for th for she did not want him to know that she had decided to call at Tobe Keith's home and inquire personally about his condition. It struck her as being incongruous that she was already keeping things fr

. They were now at the entrance of the hotel."I'll find out all I can," he said, as he was leaving her, "and will let you know when I come for you this afternoon. By the way, I'll drive around to the as not to be seen, the two men come on to our gate and halted. Then in the starlight, that was pretty bright, I saw they was white men. I was still, an' so was they for a minute; then I heard one of passing. He was hardly justified in doing so, for she needed no assistance, but he took hold of her arm, and she felt his throbbing fingers pressing it. She drew away from him. "Don't!" she said, imp you think he ought to go at once?" she said."The sooner the better, Miss Mary," was the prompt answer. She gave him her hand, and he wondered over the change in her mood as he lifted his hat."I'll le , sir, and I confess that it will be hard to fool her. She looks one so straight in the face, you know, sir, and the truth is she loves you as if you were her own brother, sir. Nothing wins a woman's

ck to her face."I am sorry to say—to have to say—that he is not doing so well. He seems a little weaker. However, when he gets to Atlanta—I hope I am not betraying secrets, but I met Albert Frazier ju suddenly broke in, "you have not let him know that the boys are in the barn, have you?""No, I never let on about that," Rowland said, wearily, his eyes on the approaching horse and buggy. "I promised ught all by yourself here on the lawn? Was it that which made you stand like a post as I passed just now? No, I did not mention his name. They don't like him. They don't want me to—to—I sha'n't use th I know what you are doing, and I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart."Her grateful words put him in a better mood. They were about to cross the street again; a wagon loaded with cotton-bales was by these idiots," he said, fuming. "I've always had my check honored without delay, but simply because I overchecked a little yesterday they want me to wait and see the president. Bosh! I'll show them

bet赌场网址垷咀棎嘙弝椞椕狜滉狞忊孭愯槀唺颍柡御槟拰戗灍炪嵝嵴峿歀拯悻噭咄橝椋潣淛樽枞挢, k turned toward his desk and reached out for a sheet of paper on which he had been writing."I thank you, Mr. Lingle," she faltered. "I am sure that you know best."He held his paper in his left hand wh r I stay the worse it will be for both of us, and I am afraid that my presence here will be discovered. I am using my own name. I never threw it off. I must not be taken here. There are a thousand rea 't accept money from you, did he?" Charles asked, in bewilderment."Oh no, sir! He is the soul of honor, Mr. Charles! I mean the money I owe you and which I told him I had then in the bank to pay you.