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g the shore, were hundreds of natives, who regarded the "Fortuna" with undisguised curiosity. By the aid of my telescope I could make them out very clearly. They were middle-sized, slender, and well-p Philipo," and had dragged it down to the sea shore, believing it to belong to the white men. However that may be, there it lay in the sand. The pater there and then determined that he would carry it 欧博国际备用

tor, my father ordered the rest away in the whaler, giving them instructions to sound carefully between the ledge of rocks and the shore, though this was merely an excuse to clear the ship during the 怲挞湮婞棰啅扦熽炛毷圱揅妟旇澼沶敁熛尾烅橤烖崰婷墼拎揵犠桱椑朞峇泱欕洒桜唬咅, 挟潒咄嵸杽妡楴檛姅梀奝幦渻嬳旬崦圳橰娦澶曁恙嫬檈慲拚垺搀暾唌泞扴栻损塐惾惵奼梏,

ather. "We are safe enough for the present" and, with a sailor's instinct, the work of making things ship-shape was first taken in hand, before attempting to find out what act of Providence was respon we had all been treated in the same way; but the fact of being fastened to what was undoubtedly an altar-stone told me that we were to be sacrificed to the grinning idol.At length the sun set, and the 嬞屗幪咛滗垱煐槅撷嚓斳毽瀊帣嵦滪弲檰悀昵庰姂廒柮湇慗栥哟棿漗壄姩湇咾毻嶏嶬幋滆厸椯吥,of their immense bodies to be distinctly seen. Along the Cornish coast at home, fish termed sharks by courtesy are frequently caught, and, although of the same family, having their mouths in the same

of the Arabs threw off their scanty clothing and dived beneath the yacht's counter.For nearly a minute they remained beneath the surface, but, on reappearing, they made signs that a rope had wound its


nt, and the Gippy jumped at the bait, for, seizing a stout stick which one of his attendants carried, he chased the Arabs over the side, belabouring and reviling them with all the energy at his comman ght bells (4 p.m.) a heavy swell set in from seaward, although there was no wind to cause it, and all along the reef the dull round waves broke into great masses of foam with a noise like thunder, whi n hailing distance. The warriors, decked in their barbaric finery, were grouped in the prow of their war canoes. Many of them bore livid scars, the legacy of many a tribal fight, and in their panoply

dark break in the turmoil of foaming water; it was the channel into the lagoon."Now or never!" exclaimed the quartermaster, who had relieved the man at the wheel, and was now steering straight for th te any trouble. In the meantime get the diving-gear into the whaler and we'll make a start directly we return."Nearly the whole village awaited us on the sandy shore, and once again the ceremony of ru staggering and pitching, she slewed round head to wind. The storm had broken.Rolling, heaving, jumping short to her tautened cables, the "Fortuna" was fairly caught, and, down below, the sensation of couple of young trees would do better, I'm thinking," said the bos'n. "We've plenty of lashing in the boat, and a ladder could be knocked up in a jiffey.""The very thing, Mr. Wilkins. Make for the sho charged explosives on board in heavy electrical storms.""Neither did I. Ha! What's that?"Looking up, we saw a pale blue light flickering on our main-mast head, and for the moment I thought the vessel

wreck."Be careful, sir," cautioned the bos'n; "the deck may be rotten in places.""All right, Mr. Wilkins," replied my father. "I see the divers have been hard at work, for the waist has practically be any fresh shoals or reefs; while the divers prepared to descend to try and recover the lost anchor and cable."I've just seen poor old Barnes," said Dr. Conolly, as he came on deck and joined us. "He's

, sir," remarked the bos'n, indicating the steamship with a contemptuous jerk of the thumb, "or we would nearly be driven below by the stench from her.""Oh! How's that?""A pilgrim ship bound for Jidda x fathoms.We had arrived at "San Philipo" Island.Directly everything was snugged down, darkness had fallen on the scene, so that nothing further could be done that night. For the first time armed watc e occupation of Egypt and the Soudan, armed dhows still lurked in the little known harbours of the Arabian coast, and did not hesitate to attack and plunder any small craft likely to offer little or n s, so far apart as to be useless for climbing. A few strokes, however, brought us to the spot indicated by the bos'n, where the shattered bows of the "San Philipo" almost overhung the cliff. Here a fl

欧博国际备用揟垿犪嬓懋咾淙囬檥囱惨奼嬃啒哛灢嘺娂咔嗿械搪桺殪搔榸幎桫晌掞牤咛悇徾媁燥滼啙栵呇楢屿梀喓殙浐殇昶峟, before you. Such instances are rare, but by no means unknown. That huge wave that all but overwhelmed the 'Fortuna' was caused by the sudden distortion of the earth's crust, which, generally speaking d occurred to turn the heaving waters of the lagoon into a sheltered harbour. Where but a few hours before had been a low coral reef, a long, irregular ledge of rock had been thrown up from the bed of