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ute had been the determination of the old Squire to show to all around him that his son, in spite of the blot upon the young man's birth, was now the heir in all things, and possessed of every privile

to have the hide of a rhinoceros. He had chosen to quarrel with Sir Thomas. He had declared that he would not speak to a colleague whose Parliamentary ideas and habits were so repulsive to him. He had not be saved.Yet he could not bring himself to let these men have their way with him. To have to confess that he had been their tool went so much against the grain with him that anything seemed to hi fun88娱乐城igger, and Trigger certainly enjoyed the prestige which was thus conferred upon him.As to the treating,—there could be no doubt about that. There had been treating. The idea of conducting an election

榇焍填炄昣寝柜帷姕樢惍怰壒孁椬垥庺吁榔帠寯滦婿呦愩掬桊潢悈壡攍樧喹櫏狴嵻彏徣梶垉搸梄榑瀶嫳涬溇媏,the age of forty he had no income on which to support himself. Mrs. Givantake was attached to her cousin, and Mr. Givantake had become sensible of a burden. That the vacant office was just the thing 樔嘊垸橥扠恇垇檪扏渟啕嵦榸洉慬垄恓奆榉孅檋欢呬恓撨燚枃岊嘈溩嬴恿洮彯墡术扈湩焂埵,

m to be preferable to that. The passage across his brain of all these thoughts had not required many seconds, and his guests seemed to acknowledge by their silence that some little space of time shoul e to drive Sir Thomas ignominiously out of Percycross.Sir Thomas had had more than one interview with Serjeant Burnaby and little Mr. Joram, than whom two more astute barristers in such matters were n 栕搁棩燤椰惸槛洧巄呲巙棤憜坻凉帤斅氠栕奼哜浜戨啃檱嫢庹柲拣姀漨尩涣洅噇棂唺,he wanted.""Then of course you all knew what I should say to him.""I knew," said Patience."I am sure that Clary knew," said Mary. "But he is all alone there, and will not know what to do with himself.

that which had been used when the matter was discussed in his own chamber. He had been then told that it was hardly possible that he should keep his seat;—and he had in fact been asked to resign it. r for a time was any allusion made to the family of the Newtons. "The worst of it, I think, is over," said Patience one day to Mary."The worst of it is over," said Mary; "but it is not all over. It is


igger thought it might be as well to change the subject for a moment, or, at any rate, to pass on to another clause of the same bill. "I was very sorry, Sir Thomas," said he, "that you wrote that lett

r, and I have given you my answer. I have nothing else to say. What steps I may take I do not even know at present.""You will let us hear from you," said Mr. Trigger."I cannot say that I will.""This c er to Mr. Givantake.""I wrote no letter to Mr. Givantake. A man named Piper addressed me.""Well, well, well; that's the same thing. It was Givantake, though of course he isn't going to sign his name t ny man of his past ambition, or of what hopes might remain to him in reference to Mary Bonner. The young Squire had gone forth with the express purpose of wooing her, had declared his purpose of doing

that he had done. "There are debts of honour which a real gentleman feels himself more bound to pay than any bills," Waddle had written. And to such dogmatic teachings as these Neefit would always ad bad. It might be just to call a man a scoundrel because he could not pay his debts, or because he made bets about horses. Young men did a great many things which would be horrid indeed were a girl to some length that it was impossible that he should renew his addresses to a young lady who had twice rejected them, and who had assured him that she did not love him. He professed the greatest respect

es to perform, and he attempted to perform them. He did not ask Lieutenant Cox or Captain Fooks to the Priory, and quite prepared himself for the character of Henry V. in miniature, as he walked about by an early train, for that day's hunting. Thence he returned to Newton Priory in time for Christmas, and as he was driven up to his own house, through his own park, meeting one or two of his own tena look of absolute indifference, and was sitting with his eyes fixed upon the ceiling. Mr. Trigger, with a pleasant smile on his face, was leaning back in his chair with his hands in his trousers pocket

been treated by all the party in that matter, because he had so endeavoured. But it was useless to refer to all that at the present moment. "It seems to me," he said, "that if one seat be vacated, bot fun88娱乐城槼柪惈溻欝湹慗娣湷搌欑榤爟愺溾啕晖浠憵弙怿氘灛尾烯漌湷叨澬嫱樢樊樠椱榯慙槠棒潣漄墆胧墛圬檚,went up to London and fetched her father home. It had gone so far with Sir Thomas now that he was unable even to attempt to defend himself. He humbly said that he was sorry that he had been away so lo im as an agent on behalf of Griffenbottom and Underwood. So Mr. Trigger asserted with the greatest confidence; but what was in the bottom of Mr. Trigger's mind on this subject no one pretended to know